Friday, September 29, 2006

Do You Believe In Rapture?

Jesus Christ's Rapture Mix EP

01 Anthony And The Johnsons – Rapture.mp3
02 Laura Veirs – Rapture.mp3
03 R.E.M. – It’s The End Of The World…(Acoustic).mp3
04 Sonic Youth – Do You Believe In Rapture.mp3

It actually does start with an earthquake, but not quite like one you’ve ever felt before… kinda like how the world has really only seen one great flood, the earthquake will be similar to that. Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of using My return as a scare tactic to make you My friend, but the fact that I am stopping by there pretty soon and taking all My friends back up here with Me should lead you to consider adding Me on your Myspace or something… you know, just in case.

Some of My followers are really into talking about when I’m going to show up down there again and, trust Me, it will definitely be something to talk about. However pushing the “it’s the end of the world as we know it” tactic verses the “I think God is head over heals in love with you” tactic will probably not add too many to the party up here.

There’s a ton more rapture related songs, but these four best fit My mood(the calm before the storm, if you will). And below are some examples of rapture videos that probably don’t quite help out My cause too much…

God bless Youtube. I think this last one is from 6 Feet Under... and it's a little racey (or "sinny" if you will).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Little Superstar

The above video has been all over the net lately. I found it via Data What, but have seen it at quite a few other sites as well. It might be the single reason why the internet was created (by Me and Gore). If you have yet to see this... you are welcome. If you have already seen it 100 times, one more time can't hurt. Chalk this up under "Proof There's A Me #4554". Just listening to this video can make your day brighter.


Some people just don't like Me. Even odder, some people try to argue that I don't even exist. If that was the case, then who was running this blog, huh?!!! Most people who say they don't believe in Me just say that because they really have no idea what they believe in, other than maybe there's a God and who knows that that would have to do with their daily life. If you're not sure if I'm the Son of God, then I suggest you try to figure it out. A lot of people think that being friends with Me is the only way to live forever. If that aint true, then what other ways are there to get to Heaven, and what proof can you find besides just a feeling. However, if it is true that the only way to Heaven is being My pal, then lets be pals! If Heaven is real, then you might want to do some research as to how to one day move there. Don't let Me sway you, here's some arguments against Me. Read and see if you agree, or if you can see possible cracks in these possible lies...

John P. Lynch, who runs the website Positive Atheism, lists his top 10 reasons why he is not a Christian. Very fascinating.

Also, of Penn and Teller fame, Penn Jillette is not a big fan of Me, and he wrote an essay entitled "There Is No God", which can be found here.

Finally, nother interesting read by people who totally hate My follower's guts...! On their site is another essay regarding why that person is not a Christian.

Soooo... what's My rebuttal? I'm real, you'll see.

Friday, September 22, 2006

What's The Frequency, Jesus?

When lots of you guys are praying at once, it makes a beautiful sound. No matter how happy, sad, mad or rambling you might be when you are praying, I just love hearing your voice. I'll let you in on a little secret, I don't even really care too much about what you're saying... just the fact that you are trying to communicate makes Me fall in love with you even more. Don't feel like you didn't communcate to Me well during a prayer, I know what you need prayer for more than you know what you need prayer for, and I'll take care of it.

The above video reminds Me a little bit of American Beauty, and a little bit of what it's like listening to you all talking to Me at once. Maybe a little sad, maybe a little irrelevant, but I absolutly love it. I love you. We should hang out more.

Too cheesey? Well, at least the video has a pretty Arvo Pärt song in it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jesus Loves Blair Butler

Every now and then, something in nature happens that is so unique, so bizarre, so original… that there can simply be no other explanation other than that there must be some sort of intelligent designer somewhere. That would be Me. And yes, I do leave stuff out there from time to time with hopes that it would turn your thoughts toward the mystery of Me.

For example, the northern lights, or aurora borealis… lot’s of times, people see this inky stuff in the night sky and start to wonder if I did that just so they would remember that I am up here smiling down on them. Well, I didn’t. The northern lights was a total accident, but it turned out pretty good so My Dad and I kept it in the mix.

However, you want to see proof of God in the complexity and creativeness of design… I give you Blair Bulter! Ready for this? Here goes…

Blair is a physically attractive girl, and Blaire absolutely loves comic books.

That’s right, dear friends, I created the platypus, the warmth giving nipple hair, lightning bugs, and a hot girl who loves comics. Blair Butler is on a show called “Attack Of The Show!” on the cable channel G4… a show which is either the best show on TV or the worst show on TV (it can fluxuate). This daily hour long show is basically “News for Geeks With Filler”, where they talk about current pop culture that’s a little more aimed toward the Star Wars arguing college boys who thought it was cool to talk a lot about Snakes On A Plane. Needless to say I watch it just about every weeknight (Tivo!). Blair Butler hosts a comic book review segment on the Fridays called “Fresh Ink”, which is the only place on TV you can find comics getting reviewed. Her reviews are always spot on and when she mentions comics I have yet to read, I make sure to read them soon. I recently sent her an email with some interview questions, and she was kind enough to reply.

Jesus: Hey Blair, current JLA vs. current Avengers, who’d win?

Blair: JLA - they're just too damn powerful. That's why I like the Avengers better.

Jesus: Hey Blair, strongest superhero ever… who is it and do you think I could take em?

Blair: Oh boy, Jesus. I dunno.

Jesus: Hey Blair, what advise do you have for fathers who would want to raise a baby girl to one day love comics as much as you?

Blair: Let your kid read your old comics. Take your daughter to the comic book store and let her pick books out of the 25cent bin.

Jesus: Hey Blair, can you list 5 different zombie comic series from favorite to not quite as favorite?

Blair: The Walking Dead (Image). Zombies: Feast (IDW). Marvel Zombies. Black Gas (Avatar). Remains (IDW).

Jesus: Hey Blair, can comics and religion mix to make a good story?

Blair: Yes. Read DC's: The Nail. Alan Moore's "Prometha." Batman: Holy Terror. etc.

Jesus: Hey Blair, think I died for your sins and for believing in Me brings eternal life?

Blair: um....

Jesus: Hey Blair, why does that one girl who reads the geek news on Attack Of The Show always giggle while reading the prompter?

Blair: She's a happy, nice person who makes a lot of money. I'd giggle, too.

Jesus: Hey Blair, which comic writer and artist duo would make the coolest comic about My life and death and life?

Blair: Joss Whedon, Alex Ross. heh.

Jesus: Hey Blair, do you really really like comics because you are a cute girl and when I made people I wasn’t thinking cute girls and comics would be mixing too much… so are you faking or are you the real deal?

Blair: Here's the truth: I am really into comics. I wear my nerd-dom like a badge.

Jesus: Hey Blair, if you could only follow one comic series for the next year, which one would it be?

Blair: Don't ask me a question that depressing, Jesus.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Blair. Your career is one I am excited to watch… not that I don’t watch everyone’s career because I’m omnipotent… nor do I need to because I am also all knowing and therefore know where your career is heading, but you know what I mean. Click here if you want to know more about her show. Click here to see her home page. Click here if you want to be her friend. Click here and nothing will happen.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Withstand The Nothing

If you think this is cool, Hevean is so much cooler. If you think this is painfully hideous, Heaven is so much cooler. Who knew the chick who sang "The Never Ending Story Theme Song" was a dude?!!! I did, because I created him in his mother's womb. I'm sure this could be argued, but Tolkien TOTALLY stole from this movie. You might think the Lord Of The Rings trilogy came first, but it didn't because this story is never ending! Oh, and it started a long time before Tolkien was born. When I return and Earth is no more and all are taken to Hevean or Hell, this story keeps going... unless you go to Hell, where actually part 2 and 3 are just sort of repeating over and over.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Like Horses Prepared For Battle

Summer is beginning to give up its fight. During these September nights, the crickets are out in full force, and will continue to chirp until the frost comes and shuts them up 'til next summer. There is only one God, and the only way to know Him is through Me. Tolerance of other religions will only bring their eternal damnation. I Am the only way, all other paths lead to Hell. If you love Me, feed My sheep.

And what better way to get ready for the harvest than with a mix of songs that feature the chirping chorus of crickets? Nature’s orchestra is glorious, and when a band taps into this sound (no matter how clichéd), the results are usually heavenly. Here are some of My favorite songs that include the chirps of My winged creatures of destruction, plagues, future glory, and memories of summer romances.

The Crickets Of Christ Mix Tape - Songs With The Sounds Of Crickets

01 Crickets At Night Intro.mp3
02 Stone Roses – Breaking Into Heaven.mp3
03 Tommy James – I Think We’re Alone Now.mp3
04 Ben Folds – Cigarette.mp3
05 Magnetic Fields – Old Orchard Beach.mp3
06 R.E.M. – You Are The Everything.mp3
07 Yo La Tengo – Green Arrow.mp3
08 Annuals – Brother.mp3
09 B-52’s – Dirty Back Road.mp3

10 Flaming Lips – There You Are.mp3
11 Brian Eno – Shadow.mp3
12 The Life And Times – A Chorus Of Crickets.mp3
13 Deltahead – Crickets And Frogs.mp3
14 Future Bible Heroes – You Steel The Scene.mp3
15 Tranquility Bass – They Came In Peace.mp3
16 Matt Pond PA – Crickets.mp3
17 Buddy Holly – I’m Gonna Love You Too.mp3
18 American Analog Set – Two Way Diamond I.mp3

19 Cornelius – Tone Twilight Zone.mp3
20 Crickets At Night Outro.mp3

Or here's the whole mix zipped up...

VA - The Crickets Of

Yeah, there’s others out there. Did I miss any good ones?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Little Devils

Agh, man! Somebody broke My Pitchfork! Oh, wait... it's fixed again. Whew.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jesus Loves Monster Island

Jesus Christ Interviews David Wellinton, Author of Monster Island

I love zombies. Love them. Love. Zombies are just about the coolest monster ever created. I’m talking about the Romero zombies… undead, hungry, strong, and slow. And being a guy who came back from the dead, I can relate. Granted, in My situation I wasn’t quite as hungry and I could float. Still, zombies have a special in My heart.

Thanks in part to Boing Boing pointing Me to the way, I recently finished reading Monster Island, a zombie book written by David Wellington. If you are a fan of zombie movies, this book is a Must Read. This story is the best thing to happen to the zombie genre since the original Dawn Of The Dead and I could not praise it any higher.

The book is about a man leaving Africa after a Zombie epidemic has taken over most all the world, and he along with a band of African school girls turned soldiers must sail over to New York City to retrieve medicine. Of course, Manhattan is empty of all but zombies roaming the streets for food. Thus, a solid base for a good zombie story.

What separates this story above the rest of the zombie pack, is how Wellington took the standard “zombie plot” and raised it to a higher and uncharted level. How? He created a “thinking” zombie. Gary the zombie was a doctor who, after studying how people turned into zombies, realized that perhaps they were so seemingly brain dead because their brains didn’t get oxygen as they died. Gary thus dies while being hooked up to a machine that keeps air getting to his brain… and a new form of zombie was born. Gary is a zombie who can explain to the reader what it is like being a zombie, what a zombie feels, what a zombie thinks about. It’s genius and this twist doesn’t stop there, but if you want to know more, read the book.

I emailed the author, David Wellington, a few interview questions, and with a “word to your mother” shout out, he was kind enough to reply.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, if your book Monster Island were made into a movie,who would you cast as Gary the lead zombie?

Wellington: Steve Buscemi. I didn't set out writing with him in mind, but over the years it's become clearer and clearer to me that he'd be perfect for the role. He's got the twitchy energy and especially those eyes.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, think all the dead came back in their graves, or would the dead have to be directly in contact with other zombies, and did you have to make your own official guide rules regarding how zombies exist and recreate?

Wellington: I started by watching the George Romero movies, the classics, but I didn'twant to just copy his work. My zombies are a little different from everybody else's: for one thing, they don't eat just people, but anything organic. In the absence of fresh meat they'll chew the bark off of trees or even scratch up gum off the sidewalk. They're always hungry--always—and they'll take whatever they can get.The rule as I set them up is that anything (human or animal) with an intactnervous system will reanimate. As long as the brain and spinal cord are still there, the dead will come back. The source of the reanimation is the Life Force itself, a kind of biological field that suffuses the planet. A spine or a brain can act as an antenna to receive some of that energy and use it to keep the tissues going, though it's not enough for full, active life. The dead then need to consume the life energy of the living to heal and to be mobile.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, do you think it is possible to cheat death (I'm winking at you while asking this)?

Wellington: Well, barring special circumstances, no. Death is part of human existence. It's the biggest part, if you consider how long we'll all be dead compared to how long we get to be alive. The funny thing about zombies is that they actually seem to be hopeful creatures to some people. In some way, the idea that after death you can still be alive here, in this world, is optimistic. People really responded to the character of Gary because he seemed to have overcome death in every meaningful way, but the horror comes into play when you realize that to maintain his continued existence he has to do some pretty awful things. Like eating people, for instance. Even then a lot of readers still think of him as heroic--he's just doing what he does in order to survive. In an apocalyptic world that can be seen as heroic, it seems.

Christ: Hey David, the idea of more makes Me nervous like if Hollywood announced that Fight Club would spawn two more sequels (also known as "The Matrix Effect"). I LOVED how Monster Island ended, why not just end it there instead of making the story a trilogy? Or was that the plan all along… seriously?

Wellington: No! It was supposed to be a stand-alone book, really! I completely agree with you about trilogies. However at one point in the book it was revealed that there were two other people like Gary in the world, people who were dead and reanimated but who had managed to keep their consciousness intact. I meant it to be a way of isolating him--in all the world, there were only three people like that anywhere. But then the readers got hold of the idea. They wanted to know so badly what happened to the other two. The second book, Monster Nation (which is in bookstores starting September 28, and available now on Amazon), is about a completely separate set of characters in a whole other part of the world. It's not a sequel at all--it actually takes place before Monster Island.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, does Stephen King suck or is he pretty good?

Wellington: He's a genius. He reinvented a genre. Before King horror was still a pulp genre--you had Lovecraft, and about a million lesser imitators, but that was pretty much it. I couldn't have written my book without his blazing the path. I think he's kind of gotten tired of horror over the years, but his first four books were just brilliant.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, did you read other books that fit under the Zombie Fiction genre, and if so, did you enjoy any of them?

Wellington: I had never read a zombie book before I wrote Monster Island. I didn't even know there were any! At the time there were only a few—some brilliant short story anthologies, and Brian Keene's The Rising was just out. Walter Greatshell wrote a really interesting book called Xombies. Now there are a ton of them, mostly because of the success of Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide. I think they all have something to recommend them--everybody tries to do their own take. They vary widely in quality but then different readers like different kinds of books. That might sound like a cop out but honestly horror is so subjective. I don't personally care for horror novels that are just about blood and gore--splatterpunk stuff--but other people really get into that.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, zombie birds?!!! Do you realize the jar of wormsyou opened having zombie birds? Could there be zombie bears? Zombiesingle celled amebas?

Wellington: There is a zombie bear in Monster Nation. That's all I'm saying. No zombie amebas, or anything less evolved than a fish--you need a spinal cord toreanimate. So no zombie insects. Which is the saving grace of humanity, frankly. There just aren't that many birds in the world--there are 250,000 pigeons in New York City, compared to 11,000,000 people--but the insects outnumber us by a million to one. Zombie mosquitoes would mean a very quick, very ugly end to the human race.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, you offer your books for free online. You even made them iPod compatible. Where's the cash in that?

Wellington: There is none. We always accepted donations, but that was just to cover the cost of our bandwidth. The idea when we started was not to make money but to get my writing out where people could read it. I just wanted to know if people thought my stuff was any good. Honestly! The book deal was pretty unexpected, and it basically turned my whole life upside down--in a wonderful way. I've wanted to make a living at writing since I was six years old. Now it's actually happening. I feel like I won the lottery.We still give the books away for free, because it would be a pretty despicable thing to take that away now. The print version sells great anyway. Most people don't like to read that much text on a computer screen, while others just like the sensation of having a real book in their hand, the texture of the pages, the smell of the glue and the ink.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, do you think that the only way to Heaven is believing that I died for you and thus purifying you of your sins, or is that just something people say so little kids don't freak out about dying?

Wellington: I make no claim to any special knowledge about the afterlife. That's something everyone has to decide for themselves.

Jesus Christ: Hey David, who's coolest… Sam Raimi, George Romero, or Jesus Christ who died, went to Hell, then rose again, then went to Heaven, and then will come back with a tongue like a sword on fire cleansing the Earth of everything?

Wellington: When you put it that way... George Romero. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where he made his zombie films (part of Day of the Dead was filmed in Florida, but most of it was made in Pennsylvania). He's a local hero there and they would show his movies uncut in primetime on local television in the summer. I grew up watching Dawn of the Dead (the original) as if it were part of my heritage. Obviously it had a powerful effect on me!

Jesus Christ: Thanks for your time, David! I am really excited to read Monster Nation!

Wellington: I hope you'll like it. I think anyone who enjoyed Monster Island is really in for a treat with this one. And I'm not just saying that because I wrote it!

Buy his books! Or read them online for free! Either way, read and be amazed at what this guy is able to do with the zombie genre. I totally get the Zombie Bear thing now! LOVE IT!

Click here for Dawn Of The Dead hand knitted dolls!

Sufjan Stevens - They Are Night Zombies!(live).mp3

Roky Erickson - I Walked With A Zombie.mp3

Jesus Answers

From time to time, I get questions asked to Me via email or in the comments after a post. Here’s a few I’ve decided to answer here on My holy blog.

Question #1 Jebus, what do you think of the new Thermals album? You’re mentioned in it a lot.

Jesus Answers #1 I think it’s pretty fascinating. It is further proof that Christians are not first known for their love. The songs are catchy and the lyrics are rough. It’s getting compared to Green Day’s “American Idiot”, which I honestly think is a far superior album, but the Thermals album is definitely in My current iPod album rotation. Politics and religion mix about as well as oil and linking verbs.

Question #2 Why wouldn't God lift a finger to protect the most vulnerable children? Did JonBenet, Polly Klass and many have to suffer like that? Is He omnipotent or impotent?

Jesus Answer #2 I am protecting children. Trust Me, your news could look a lot worse. I love children and more people sense Me though them than any other tool I use to show people shadows of Myself. Unfortunately, Satan isn’t a fan of kids. Humanity was given the choice of making Me the center of their universe or making themselves the center of their universe. Unfortunately, people would rather worship themselves than Me. With that decision comes repercussions that lead to a lot of bad decisions. For example, “I know killing little kids is wrong, but I really want to do that.” When people think they are the most important thing in the universe, people can justify anything they want. That’s a cause of sin, which is like a disease they caught when they decided to figure life out without Me. I’m sorry you have to live in a world so screwed up where kids are murdered. That wasn’t the original plan.

Question #3 Don't you heal people anymore? Sure, I know, when we get to heaven there will not be any sickness, but what about right now? Can you not heal things anymore or are you just going to let our bodies rot and save our souls? That’s one of the things I just don’t get about the Bible. I mean whatever happened to if you ask for something in your name then it will be given unto you? Have you read Christian Reflections by C.S. Lewis? He asks some questions that deserve an answer. If I want to be healed and I have faith and pray for healing, why won't you heal me? Please don't use the answer of it's for your own good and it will all work out in the end? You didn’t use that answer when you were here on earth so please don’t use it now.

Jesus Answers #3 I heal people all the time. A lot of stuff that went down back in the day still go down now. Demons are everywhere. They didn’t die out like the way of the dinosaur… if dinosaurs even existed (joke). I’m still healing every day. In fact, I’ve healed you many times already. I love you. I’m taking care of you.

Now, in regards to this specific question, “If I want to be healed and I have faith and pray for healing, why won't you heal me?” Great question.

Let’s say you really want a quarter really bad to buy some gum. So you ask Me, “Hey God, can I have a quarter for some gum?” Now, because I love you so much, I’ll do one more than giving you a quarter for gum. Here, I want you to own the Fruit Stripe Gum company. Here’s the keys. You’re the Fruit Gum President. Pulling a quarter out of your ear is a poor mans parlor trick. Take the a stroll through your gum factory and dive into your vats of flavor.

Did I answer your question? Probably. Do you want a blunter answer? Probably. Faith moves mountains and you are tapped into that power, so don’t give up hope. You will be healed, just maybe not how you think you need it. I love you and I don’t like seeing you upset. Look around and let Me show you your gum factory.

And asking Jesus Christ if He’s read C.S. Lewis is like asking Conor Oberst if he’s listened to Bob Dylan.

Question #4

Jesus Answers #4 Short answer… maybe some of you. Long answer… not most of you. Start debating over how to best love a nation that thinks Christians are close minded bigots who love war and money. Love comes first.

So, what words come to mind before the word “love” when you think of people who say they follow Me? Feel free to make a list in the comments. What’s the first thing that comes to mind in order to finish the following sentence? “Christians are most commonly known for their…”

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Love Martha Dumptruck

I rarely get angry. I get passionate sometimes. I've been known to throw a table or two. The lack of high school kids who have even heard of the movie "Heathers" gets Me close to table throwing. This film lifts high school up on it's alter and stabs it straight into the heart. The plot in and of itself is genius... basically, an high school outsider hates the popular kids so he kills one, making it look like suicide... but because the popular kid commited suicide, it becomes the popular thing to do. Ahhh... dark humor in pure form. High school kids are lemmings, and this film capitalizes on that sad reality and turns it into art. Hey mallcore kids, save your money by not seeing Nightmare Before Christmas in the theaters and buy this flick and watch it over and over and memorize every line in it and quote it on your last day of school.

Big Fun - Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It).mp3

Monday, September 11, 2006

Jesus Ain't No Kind Of Bunny

The new Of Montreal album has leaked out onto the dancefloor. If you've yet to hear the studio version of "She's A Rejector" yet, stop reading My blog and head on over to You Ain't No Picasso, where he has the new track posted. For those of you who didn't obey Me and are still reading this, no worries, I'm used to you not obeying Me, and I love you anyway. In fact, I'll even give you a treat. Below, for your enjoyment, is their 2002 Covers show from the 40watt, which I think I got from You Ain't No Picasso as well but maybe not.

And now, a theological question that one can argue for hours... How can Of Montreal not be as big as the Flaming Lips? And in true Me form, I answer this with but another question... Could they one day become even bigger? Or if the Flaming Lips were playing alone at Bonnaroo, and nobody was around to hear it, would their new album still suck?

1/18/2002 Of Montreal Covers Show at the 40watt

01 Of Montreal - Can't Explain (the who).mp3
02 Of Montreal - September Gurls (big star).mp3
03 Of Montreal - Rain (beatles).mp3
04 Of Montreal - I'm Beggining To See The Light (velvet underground).mp3
05 Of Montreal - Making Time (the creation).mp3
06 Of Montreal - Hang Onto Yourself (david bowie).mp3
07 Of Montreal - Sway (rolling stones).mp3
08 Of Montreal - I Believe In You (neil young).mp3
09 Of Montreal - Doing Nothing (of montreal).mp3
10 Of Montreal - Metaphorically Tuning Into Stone (of montreal).mp3
11 Of Montreal - Death Dance Of Omnipapas And Son (of montreal).mp3
12 Of Montreal - Jennifer Louise (of montreal).mp3
13 Of Montreal - Do You Remember Walter (the kinks).mp3
14 Of Montreal - Rocks Off (rolling stones).mp3
15 Of Montreal - Happy (rolling stones).mp3
16 Of Montreal - Don't Ask Me To Explain (of montreal).mp3

Friday, September 08, 2006

I Love Serena Matthews

Dearest believers and non-believers, listen to the word! This girl's got it. This is how most voices were supposed to sound before sin screwed everything up. If you have yet to hear a song by the Tennessee native Serena Mattews, I have an exciting find for you. She sings all the songs you wish Victoria Williams would sing if she wasn't trying to sound like a 6 year old. Serena is the girl from all those Whiskeytown albums that Ryan let get away. Serena is the girl that would easily win Nashville Star if she would ever sell out and audition for it but she can't find it in her to be the girl who waits in line for hours only to be critiqued by Gina Gershon's brother. Serena is the girl who could probably sell a lot more records if she didn't let her family come before her work, but she knows never to let that happen. So, if you enjoy an acoustic guitar and a soft twang in a voice, singing to you beautiful folky ballads, then I have found your new favorite muse. If you like what you hear, give her some of your money via her website or you could be her friend. She doesn't have the voice of an angel, but it comes pretty close.

Serena Matthews - Beautys Colors.mp3

Serena Matthews - Mellow Out.mp3

Serena Matthews - Wish Away.mp3

Serena Matthews - Black Bird.mp3

If you love these as much as I do, spread the word. She deserves it. If you love animals as much as she does, adopt a pet.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Here's How It Is...

Sonny Rhodes - Ballad Of Serinity Theme.mp3

I loved the show Firefly. It was a sad day for humanity when Fox pulled the plug midway through their first season. Up here in Heaven, I can just about get everything I want, so I was able to create a 7 Season DVD box set of Whedon produced Firefly. If you are a fan and get your name in My book, I'll let you rent them when you get up here. They are amazing. If you have yet to watch this show, do yourself a favor and buy the first season DVD's from Amazon. It's worth it. If you consider yourself to not be a fan of science fiction, let this show be your exception.

Awhile back, I mentioned on this blog that I thought the show Battlestar Galactica was a step backwards from Firefly in regards to contemporary and smart science fiction television. As some of you might know, those were geek fighting words and the geeks came after Me. I probably got more email on My "dissing" of Battlestar Galactica than most other topics I've written about.

One email came from the head geek over at, who asked if I would elaborate. He interviewed Me on the topic of Firefly vs. Battlestar Galactica, and posted our conversation up on his site. Check it out, here, if interested.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'll Cover You Up With Leaves

From time to time, I will get an email or comment that moves Me, and this one really struck hard. It was a comment left anonymously, and I wanted to answer it for that person. The comment read:

jesus, what's the deal with cancer?
i mean... fuck.
and please don't give me some shit about adam and eve and sin and the fall of man. tell me straight up.

So, Ok, here it is, straight up… cancer is one of the many different creative ways Satan uses to kill you.

The Glitch - Your world is really screwed up bad, and it is your fault. You blew it. As soon as you gave Me the finger and thought you could be better off on your own, you were done for. And now Satan has a foothold to destroy as much of you as he can before I call “game over”… and I’m just about ready to call it. There is nothing you can do to fix it. Humanity is screwed. I love you and it hurts Me to tell you this. I’m sorry. Satan is against you, and cancer is just one of his many tricks.

The Fix - I can, though. I can fix it. There is something I can do to fix it. In fact, I already have. And like rock/paper/scissors, I trump Satan. And if I am for you, who can be against you, seriously? Cancer is just a symptom of a sickness I have the cure for. If you want the cure for cancer, you need the cure for the disease that causes cancer, which just happens to be pretty easy to find if you look for it. Just find some water that’s alive and drink it down.

Tom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here(live).mp3

Friday, September 01, 2006

Everybody's Pleased, Indeed

Every now and then, people who normally never give Me the time of day will talk to Me riiiiight before they are about to get themselves into some serious trouble. This most commenly happens before tests or when approaching a possible love interest. The video you are about to watch includes a man about to get himself into some trouble, who asked Me to help him perform a miracle... and would you believe that he actually thought I let him down? Not to give the ending away, but lets just say the miracle has something to do with what narrator calls "lucky". Could have been worse, kiddo. I love you and you're welcome.

I Got The Answer

I'm currently 2/3 the way through the book Body Piercing Saved My Life: Inside The Phenomenon Of Christian Rock, by Andrew Beaujon, and I am LOVING IT! If you have yet to hear about this book, it is a look at the past 30 years of the genre of music entitled "Christian Rock". Sound awful? Here's the catch, the author isn't a Christian. He's a Spin Magazine editor that finds this subject intriguing and he writes about it in a way that one would write a travelogue about a distant and bizzare native society. He's not too smartalic, and he's not too "above" the music. This book has been so impressive thus far and I'm currently taking a break from reading it just so I could post about it. If you think I'm the Son of God or not, if you ever have been slightly somewhat interested in music that claims to be in My name, this is a must read.

That being said, this book has also reminded Me of the glory that is Larry Norman. Larry will forever be known as the Bob Dylan of Christian Folk Music. Since a lot of the blogs have been all ablazing with the new Dylan album, I thought some Larry Norman songs should be thrown into the mp3 blog pot as well. Larry is just about the best Christian folk rock musician to come around since King David, and with the exception of a Dylan album or two, nothing really compares to him in regards to singing folk rock songs about Me. Here's a few of My favorites.

Larry Norman - I Hope I'll See You In Heaven (solo and acoustic).mp3

Larry Norman - Why Don't You Look Into Jesus.mp3

Larry Norman - All The Way Home (solo and acoustic).mp3

Larry Norman - I Wish We'd All Been Ready.mp3

Larry Norman - The Outlaw.mp3

Larry Norman - Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music.mp3