Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Some people just don't like Me. Even odder, some people try to argue that I don't even exist. If that was the case, then who was running this blog, huh?!!! Most people who say they don't believe in Me just say that because they really have no idea what they believe in, other than maybe there's a God and who knows that that would have to do with their daily life. If you're not sure if I'm the Son of God, then I suggest you try to figure it out. A lot of people think that being friends with Me is the only way to live forever. If that aint true, then what other ways are there to get to Heaven, and what proof can you find besides just a feeling. However, if it is true that the only way to Heaven is being My pal, then lets be pals! If Heaven is real, then you might want to do some research as to how to one day move there. Don't let Me sway you, here's some arguments against Me. Read and see if you agree, or if you can see possible cracks in these possible lies...

John P. Lynch, who runs the website Positive Atheism, lists his top 10 reasons why he is not a Christian. Very fascinating.

Also, of Penn and Teller fame, Penn Jillette is not a big fan of Me, and he wrote an essay entitled "There Is No God", which can be found here.

Finally, nother interesting read by people who totally hate My follower's guts... evilbible.com! On their site is another essay regarding why that person is not a Christian.

Soooo... what's My rebuttal? I'm real, you'll see.