Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jesus Loves Blair Butler

Every now and then, something in nature happens that is so unique, so bizarre, so original… that there can simply be no other explanation other than that there must be some sort of intelligent designer somewhere. That would be Me. And yes, I do leave stuff out there from time to time with hopes that it would turn your thoughts toward the mystery of Me.

For example, the northern lights, or aurora borealis… lot’s of times, people see this inky stuff in the night sky and start to wonder if I did that just so they would remember that I am up here smiling down on them. Well, I didn’t. The northern lights was a total accident, but it turned out pretty good so My Dad and I kept it in the mix.

However, you want to see proof of God in the complexity and creativeness of design… I give you Blair Bulter! Ready for this? Here goes…

Blair is a physically attractive girl, and Blaire absolutely loves comic books.

That’s right, dear friends, I created the platypus, the warmth giving nipple hair, lightning bugs, and a hot girl who loves comics. Blair Butler is on a show called “Attack Of The Show!” on the cable channel G4… a show which is either the best show on TV or the worst show on TV (it can fluxuate). This daily hour long show is basically “News for Geeks With Filler”, where they talk about current pop culture that’s a little more aimed toward the Star Wars arguing college boys who thought it was cool to talk a lot about Snakes On A Plane. Needless to say I watch it just about every weeknight (Tivo!). Blair Butler hosts a comic book review segment on the Fridays called “Fresh Ink”, which is the only place on TV you can find comics getting reviewed. Her reviews are always spot on and when she mentions comics I have yet to read, I make sure to read them soon. I recently sent her an email with some interview questions, and she was kind enough to reply.

Jesus: Hey Blair, current JLA vs. current Avengers, who’d win?

Blair: JLA - they're just too damn powerful. That's why I like the Avengers better.

Jesus: Hey Blair, strongest superhero ever… who is it and do you think I could take em?

Blair: Oh boy, Jesus. I dunno.

Jesus: Hey Blair, what advise do you have for fathers who would want to raise a baby girl to one day love comics as much as you?

Blair: Let your kid read your old comics. Take your daughter to the comic book store and let her pick books out of the 25cent bin.

Jesus: Hey Blair, can you list 5 different zombie comic series from favorite to not quite as favorite?

Blair: The Walking Dead (Image). Zombies: Feast (IDW). Marvel Zombies. Black Gas (Avatar). Remains (IDW).

Jesus: Hey Blair, can comics and religion mix to make a good story?

Blair: Yes. Read DC's: The Nail. Alan Moore's "Prometha." Batman: Holy Terror. etc.

Jesus: Hey Blair, think I died for your sins and for believing in Me brings eternal life?

Blair: um....

Jesus: Hey Blair, why does that one girl who reads the geek news on Attack Of The Show always giggle while reading the prompter?

Blair: She's a happy, nice person who makes a lot of money. I'd giggle, too.

Jesus: Hey Blair, which comic writer and artist duo would make the coolest comic about My life and death and life?

Blair: Joss Whedon, Alex Ross. heh.

Jesus: Hey Blair, do you really really like comics because you are a cute girl and when I made people I wasn’t thinking cute girls and comics would be mixing too much… so are you faking or are you the real deal?

Blair: Here's the truth: I am really into comics. I wear my nerd-dom like a badge.

Jesus: Hey Blair, if you could only follow one comic series for the next year, which one would it be?

Blair: Don't ask me a question that depressing, Jesus.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Blair. Your career is one I am excited to watch… not that I don’t watch everyone’s career because I’m omnipotent… nor do I need to because I am also all knowing and therefore know where your career is heading, but you know what I mean. Click here if you want to know more about her show. Click here to see her home page. Click here if you want to be her friend. Click here and nothing will happen.


At 2:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair is fuggin hot

At 3:52 AM, Anonymous Allan Gabriel said...

No, Blair is not hot. In fact she could be mistaken for a shemale. However, for those of you with incredibly low standards, I guess you could find her to be a quite handsome woman.

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly, i look up to her, being that i am aswell of mixed gender. I mean, she's a hot young woman, doing what she loves on television. I say kudos.

At 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm...was this a interview real??

btw Blair is awesome makes me proud to be a fellow comic book nred who happens to be female..

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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