Monday, December 04, 2006

Yes, I Can Hear You When You Call

Some of you are clearly chasing after My heart. I like it. It’s cute. Here are a few helpful pointers, if you really want to win Me over.

1. Love Me.
2. Love others.
3. Put Spiritualized songs on mixes.

When you love Me, it shows you care. When you love others, it shows you are willing to honor Me. When you put Spiritualized songs on mixes, it shows you have a heart for beautifully broken music.

Spiritualized has recorded a few of the best albums ever that deal with the difficulties of finding Me in a world so full of sin. I love Spiritualized with My whole heart, and their past two albums sound more genuine than most music on “Christian” radio. He seems to struggle with both loving Me and loving heroin, and that struggle always makes for fascinating music from a tortured soul. If you do not know much about Spiritualized, do yourself a favor and track down the epic album “Let It Come Down” or “Amazing Grace”. Truly glorious stuff, hallelujah!

Jason Spaceman of Spiritualized has been touring with a string of acoustic shows, complete with a string quartet, and backup gospel singers. The below bootleg is from the Edinburgh stop of this tour. It’s beautiful and I hope you enjoy. God bless J. Spaceman, and a special blessing for Tea With Tufty, who originally uploaded this show.

Spiritualized, Acoustic With String Quartet And Gospel Singers
Edinburgh 11-25-2006

01. Sitting On Fire.mp3
02. Devil Town + Lord Let It Rain.mp3
03. True Love Will Find You In The End.mp3
04. Straight And The Narrow.mp3
05. Cool Waves.mp3
06. Hold On.mp3
07. Amen.mp3
08. Soul On Fire.mp3
09. Walking With Jesus.mp3
10. Going Down Slow.mp3
11. So Hot.mp3
12. Stop Your Crying.mp3
13. Anything More + Ladies And Gents.mp3
14. Lay It Down Slow.mp3
15.Baby I’m Just A Fool.mp3
16.Goodnight Goodnight + Funeral Home.mp3
17. Lord Can You Hear Me.mp3
UPDATE These links don't work. EZArchive has denied Me 3 times, the cock has crowed, and now they are in shock with the realization of what they have done. I need a new way to post mp3s, for EZArchive has turned against Me. Anybody out there got any advice for the Son of Man in regards to more trustworthy file hosting than my old friend that no longer supports Me?


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous mjrc said...

jesus, i've been wanting to write about spiritualized for a while now, but you've done it so much better. my favorite tracks are "anything more" and "broken heart," both of which pretty much deal with the same issues. thanks for making j. spaceman so talented and willing to share his gifts.

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Jesus -- beautiful bootleg. How can I download it from ezarchive -- it's driving me BATTY!! I've basically abandoned my blog because ezarchive is so irritable.

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous mjrc said...

there are a variety of free ones you can try, such as fileden, file lodge, and my file hut, each of which allows the reader to download directly from your site without having to go to a second site. there are drawbacks to each one, either in filehosting limits or bandwidth limits, but if used in combination, they can carry you through.

you send it and mediafire are also free and work ok, but they take the reader away from your page. also, the hype machine doesn't pick up mediafire, and you send it links are only good for one week (unless you pay for it).

if you're willing to pay, i hear dreamhost and midphase are quite nice to deal with.

hope that helps. what a kick to help He who usually helps me! ;-)

At 12:06 AM, Blogger Robert said...

I've been experimenting with -- there is no way to do batch uploading, but it does work really slick and doesn't break my inline player.

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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