Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fly Upright Kite

So, I am known for hunting down music anywhere. And yes, that means I even venture over to odd unsigned band sites via My Space. Granted, these days even Neil Diamond has a My Space, but for every Neil Diamond, there are literally 1,000's of mostly bad unsigned bands trying to get the word out that they exist (and yes, I have counted, theres literally 1,000's). Most of these are fascinatingly not good, and this is part of the fun. Where's Pitchfork's list of 2005 awkward singles from unsigned My Space bands? Being God, even though this Pitchfork list doesn't exist, I can dream it up as if it did, just for my own enjoyment. And if this list did exist, the number one slot would have to go to the band Fly Upright Kite. Their song Say You Love Me has uncomfortable backing vocals, it's a little too long, and has an odd guitar solo... but it is also pop brilliance! There is pure talent buried in this beautiful track, but it is buried down inside of poor production. Here's a perfect analagy for you, it's like finding a gummibear covered in ants... there's something tastey there, you just have to brush off the gross. Looking at their tour itenerary, it would be fair to guess they are from Massachusetts (not that I'm guessing). And I believe they are playing at a bowling alley, which is a band starting out right of passage. This band has a way to go, but they totally could get there.

Download the mp3 their song Say You Love Me from their My Space Site and enjoy.


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