Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's that time of year again. Forget Me not! It's not really My birthday today, but you guys are actually pretty close so I’ll count it. Since it’s My special day, I think I’d like to make a speech… A Birthday Sermon On The Blog, if you will. McDonalds all across the world are closed to honor Me, so I think I should be able to throw down a little something something like the good old days. So here we go, happy birthday to Me!

Dear People Who Call America A “Christian Nation”:

God bless the USA! I love America! God bless the Iranians! I love Iran! God bless Namibia! I thought Namibia was pretty hip way before Bradjolimaddixorphans did!

Sure, I might choose sides from time to time, but it has never been America and I’ve never been shy about it. The Jews are number one in My book, but I’ll let anybody in the family if they want in. It is this family that I will bless, not a government who thinks they are good. If you want forgiveness for being broken, if you want to fall in love with Me, if you want to try to hold up your end of a relationship with Me, then welcome to the family and welcome to My holy nation. It’s a great tribe with a planned family reunion that will rawk like none other.

This has everything to do with where I stand in your heart, and nothing to do with where you stand on the ground. You think I bless America? I bless the world! It has nothing to do with what name governments have given to the soil. You really think I stop blessing things once I cross the Rio Grand to Mexico?

And, please don’t tell Me that the USA was founded with Christian values and beliefs. I was there, you weren’t. What part of My Book did the original core American Christian values of slavery and Indian extermination come from? The only “Christian Nation” on Earth are the scattered people in the tribe that are friends with Me, and if the USA has a freedom of religion law, then I doubt all Americans claim Me as their King.

That whole “love your neighbor” thing, I meant thinking more outside the box than just your actual neighbors. Love has no boundaries and it has no country lines. If you think the USA is going to Hell in a handbasket, and it needs Christ now more than ever… you’re right. But, I kind of already told you that would happen and that you’d be fine. Don’t worry about it. I care for birds and I’ll care for you. You work on loving more than just your family and people you work with, and then you’ll catch a hint of the full life that I’ve created you to crave.

So, “God Bless The World” is My hope that you will pray. You are all in that world together, and if you’re loving, you just might make it out alive. You leave the tough love up to Me. If a tribe in a nation needs roughing up, I’ll throw down like I always have. Put down your stones, sinners, for I am in the fray and I am good in battle. Your war is between you and your heart. My birthday advise, from Me to you, is let your heart win. Give up. Drown in love. Come on, it’s My birthday wish, my birthday hope. Permit Me to pour so much love on you that you literally overflow with it. Ask Me. I want to give you that. Talk to Me. I love you. Talk to Me, right now.

And don’t do drugs.


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