Sunday, February 05, 2006

Shooby Do Wop!

I LOOOOOVE Shooby Taylor! If you do not know of the scatting sensation that is Schooby, then today is going to turn out a little bit better than it would because of this man and his music. Shooby has been up here for the past couple years now, and you should hear this cat scat over angels! They used to call him The Human Horn, but up here we him the Heavenly Horn. His human claim to fame was as follows: mail man by day/scat dub singer over already recorded songs by night! Shooby would take a piece of already recorded music and record on top of it him doing his thing. I have been thinking about changing a bit of the past, because I can do that can of thing, and I have been thinking I should have added an 11 Commandment, "One Shooby Taylor song on all Music Mixes". Here's a few of My favorites to choose from:

Shooby Taylor - How Great Thou Art.mp3

Shooby Taylor - Why Me Lord.mp3

Shooby Taylor - Folsom Prison Blues.mp3

Shooby Taylor - Over The Rainbow.mp3

Thanks to for keeping up with all the Shooby info. one would need!


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