Friday, May 19, 2006

What Shalt Thou Boycott?

Many of you have been sending prayers up My way regarding what to do about this “DaVinci Code” movie. Literally almost half of all American Churches are dedicating a sermon or a class on this topic. For the record, the story is fiction. Check the side of the book. Fiction. I never had a baby, but I also didn’t invent the chair, but most of you let that fact slide in “The Passion Of The Christ”. Sure, the “DaVinci” movie might lead some astray, but so might your rush hour traffic driving. Don’t worry about people seeing Me, if I need to, I could send a burning bed to their bedrooms (Midnight Oil reference on purpose). If you want to boycott a movie, go to your local Blockbuster Video and beg them to get rid of all copies of “Chicago.” How that won a Best Picture Oscar, I have no idea. Do you really enjoy watching Richard Gere and Rene Zellweger sing and dance? Sure, it’s kinda fun to make John C. Riley do it, but Queen Latifa? Who thinks this stuff up? Those of you who know Me know I'm a big fan of the musical, and the 21st century is not looking too good so far. Granted, “Moulin Rouge” movie was the stuff of legend, but that’s about it. Why aren’t more of My friends doing sermons and classes on “Moulin Rouge”? I mean, the characters were named “Christian” and “Satine”! That’s a movie! So, if you want to boycott “The DaVinci Code”, I hope you are doing it because you always boycott movies that get bad reviews. Boycott bad musicals, not bad movies that make people think about who I was when I lived with you.