Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Am God We Are Friends

If you don’t visit the mp3 blog “I Am Fuel You Are Friends”, then you don’t have that great of taste in music. A lot of other music blogs get more hype, but this blog is where it’s happening. Granted, the lady who runs the site has a crush on Me, but honestly, if you knew Me, then you probably would, too. Hello? I made mountains? I made Tapes ‘N Tapes? I is love? But it is not her love for Me that makes Me post this gushing love letter about her blog. Nope. It’s her unrelenting postings of tons of great songs. In the past month, she has posted 4 zip bootlegs of Ryan Adams (including one she flew across the country to record), but she also posted a TON of rare Pete Yorn and a TON of Evan Dando. That measurement is correct. Many TONS of music that I am currently buried under. How do these mp3s sound? I have no idea. She posts so many at a rate so fast it takes just about all I have to simply save them to My hard drive. Anyway, long story short, get over there and start downloading before Ryan Adams puts her in jail. Congrats on serving over 100,000 costumers, Heather. We like your taste in music (and if you, for some reason, don’t like her taste in music, then you are too wound up in music that you deem fashionable, which is too bad because Ryan Adams is better than whatever you just downloaded… unless you downloaded something clearly better, which isn’t super hard to do with the amount of killer mp3 blogs out there. Still, Ryan Adams is better than most so back off him!).


At 12:47 AM, Anonymous I am Mom said...

Hey Jesus -- I am MOM, and we are friends! I've been meaning to thank you for making Heather. You do nice work. She IS pretty cool, if I do say so myself, and I've known her all her life, being her mother and all. I think that to really know your kids, you have to read their blog, and You are absolutely right (as always) -- Heather's blog is a good one, and although I'm proud of her for having 100,000 people visit her blog, nothing beats having JESUS recommend your site!

BTW -- I saw a great bumper sticker about You the other day that still has me laughing - "Jesus is Coming. Look busy." Did You make that one up?

At 6:47 AM, Anonymous mjrc said...

jesus, i have you to thank for leading me to i am fuel, but then again, i guess i have you to thank for just about everything, don't i?

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