Friday, April 28, 2006

Jesus Loves Eef Barzelay

I am mentioned or referenced to a surprising amount in rock and roll music. So much so, that it seems that the indie rock band with My name in a song title is pretty cliché. One band that seems to mention Me more often than most, yet never falls prey to using Me only as a cheap attempt of bite, wit, or social commentary is Clem Snide. It has been well documented on My blog that I absolutely love Clem Snide. They have put out some of My favorite albums of the past 10 years, and “Your Favorite Music” is easily up there on “Albums of Perfection” list (for the record, the only albums that make it into heaven are the albums that make it in My book of “Albums of Perfection”. If you make My “Book of Life” list and like Clem Snide, Heaven just got a little bit nicer for you). Clem’s lead singer, Eef Barzelay, just came out with a solo album that you should own by now. I shot Eef an email of questions and he was game enough to reply back. Thanks, Eef! You don’t know this, but last year I took the form of a human to go to a Clem Snide show and you pulled a group of us on stage to sing “I Love The Unknown” with you. I sang verse 2. Thanks for the great night! Here’s the Jesus Christ and Eef Barzelay interview…

JC: Hey Eef, you talk about Me in songs all the time, we friends or are you just fooling around with Me?

Eef: I think you may be a little too passive aggressive for us to ever really be friends.

JC: Hey Eef, don’t you feel like every episode of Scrubs could use a Clem Snide tune in it?

Eef: Maybe every other episode and for sure during sweeps week.

JC: Hey Eef, in the song “Long Lost Twin”, you kinda mostly repeat the same lines over and over, so why is that song still so good?

Eef: Because because becaase becoos becoost bicorn bitcrucher.

JC: Hey Eef, if you could form a sort of indie supergroup ala The Traveling Wilburys, and the band could only have 5 members total, would you?

Eef: No, I rock alone (for now).

JC: Hey Eef, that song "Jews For Jesus Blues" is amazing! Should I love it or should I maybe be offended?

Eef: "A doubtless faith is a dead faith" - DJ Dostoyevsky

JC: Hey Eef, do you think there is really an actual Heaven or is that just something people made up so dying doesn’t sound too bad?

Eef: After we die we begin the slow and graceful process of returning back to the cosmic soup of infinite stardust from which everything that is, was, and will be originates. As our molecules are broken down to the elemental we consummate our union with the eternal creator in a perfect state of nothingness and everythingness.

JC: Hey Eef, on the page that is selling your new solo album, the Product Description says “…as in many of Barzelays songs, the sniggers are quickly undercut with tenderness”. Could you define “snigger” for Me (it sounds kinda dirty)?

Eef: It is dirty, and racist too.

JC: Hey Eef, did you know that the chorus from the song “Find Love”, which goes “find love and give it all away” is essentially all I was trying to teach My disciples for the three years we hung out and they never really figured it out until after I died?

Eef: An idea like that can't be sold with out the ultimate sacrifice to back it up. It's kinda sad really.

JC: Hey Eef, how does it make you feel if I told you that I love you so much that I would have let them kill Me just so that you would be able to live forever in paradise with Me?

Eef: Again, very passive aggressive but then again you are a Jew so guilt trips should come naturally to you.

JC: Hey Eef, do you think you could kick the crap out of the guy from Eels?

Eef: I'll kick his ass with strings or without!!!!!

Thanks for the interview, Eef! Those sniggers of yours are very insightful, yet I too feel a tenderness in your sniggers that make Me love you even more! I love you very much, Eef, and although you might think I’d be a little too passive aggressive for us to be friends, I assure you if you let Me into your heart, we’d be best friends forever (“Jesus and Eff, BFF!” I’d carve this into a diamond tree by the river that runs through Heaven). More people than just your mother are praying for you, kid. I hear them all the time. Keep recording albums, Eff, and I’ll keep loving them, regardless of what you sing about Me. You are a talented gift to the world. Thank you for the music!

Eef has a new mp3 up on his MySpace, which is an acoustic cover of the Talking Heads song, “Heaven”. It’s pretty. Go download it. It’s not offensive. Nothing happening in Heaven sounds very relaxing to some people. Imagine the best vacation you’ve ever been on, multiply that by perfection, and you still have no clue how awesome it will be for you up here.

Now, for all your live Clem Snide show mp3 needs, I would suggest you hopping over to this unofficial Clem Snide fan site and start downloading away! Here’s some links to some of My favorite live tracks found on their website.

Clem Snide – I Love The Unknown (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Mike Kalinsky (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Let’s Explode (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Messiah Complex Blues (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Anger (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Long Lost Twin (live).mp3
Clem Snide – African Friend (live).mp3
Clem Snide – I’m Like A Bird (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Find Love (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Fill Me With Your Light (live).mp3
Clem Snide – Jews For Jesus Blues (live).mp3


At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a new fan of Eef and Clem Snide, so when I started hearing Jesus references in the songs I was very curious about it. Thanks for getting the scoop. -
Sarah (a follower!)

At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am a new fan. I saw Eef at a Ben Folds show in Worcester and was very impressed, esp by his song "I Love the Unknown." So I now own many fine Clem Snide songs except that the only version of ILTU I could find is less rock & more country. I am now on a quest to find a good live version sounding something like what I heard in Worcester that fateful rainy night.- Christie

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