Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jesus Loves Damien Jurado

An Interview With Damien Jurado And The Son Of God

Few singers can mess with My emotions more than Damien Jurado. Many of his songs have a heart to them that is becoming rarer in contemporary songwriting. He rarely pushes the emotion at all, letting the lyrics take center stage and allowing the songs to do minor surgery on the heart of the listener. A new command I give you… if you have yet to put his song “Ohio” on a mix CD for someone you are falling for, you have not lived to the fullness to which your life is capable. Damien loves Me, but he mostly keeps our relationship quiet in his songs… but if you look closely, you can see Me all over his songs and career. I recently emailed Damien some interview questions, and he was kind enough to reply.

JC: Hey Damien, how do you think your relationship with Me has been going lately?

Damien: Let's keep that between you and me.

JC: Hey Damien, who is doing more for My kingdom, Mel Gibson or David Bazan?

Damien: Vincent Gallo

JC: Hey Damien, do you think you have recorded an album better than Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska"?

Damien: I haven't ..but Jandek has.

JC: Hey Damien, is it true that you got Rosie Thomas pregnant?

Damien: Just twice.

JC: Hey Damien, you look tough, but if you got in a fight with all the Sleater-Kinney women at the same time, would you be able to take them?

Damien: With You on my side anything is possible.

JC: Hey Damien, would you rather dance around in your house while doing the dishes to an Of Montreal album or to that one Bright Eyes album that was kinda technoish like the Postal Service?

Damien: I would rather stab my eyes out with shards of glass while listening to Celtic Frost... You know that!

JC: Hey Damien, do you think the whole Bible is the Word of God, or just some of it?

Damien: I don't know, I read the Bhagavad-Gita.

JC: Hey Damien, do you really break chairs... and if so is it on purpose?

Damien: I do. I don't know how... but I do.

JC: Hey Damien, when do you think you and I first met?

Damien: It was at the bottom of a LDS baptism pool.

JC: Hey Damien, what song of yours would you consider is your most spiritual?

Damien: None of them ..unless I am chanting "hare krishna".

Thanks for the interview, Damien! I love you very much and I am excited to watch you as you grow more and more into the man I have made you to be. Some of the angels have been working on a new song for you to hear for when you enter through My gates, and it is so beautiful I guarantee you will weep when you enter into eternity. My house has many rooms, and we have been preparing you a fun one with a killer view of the river. Keep on loving your family and your gift of songwriting… and forget Me not! Below are some of My favorite Damien Jurado songs. If you like these and you have yet to own a Damien Jurado album or two or three, hunt them down asap. Damien has an audio blog where you can hear some new demos of songs, which can be found here.

Damien Jurado – There Is A Power (live).mp3

Damien Jurado – Chevrolet (live).mp3

Damien Jurado – Ohio.mp3

Damien Jurado – I Can’t Get Over You.mp3


At 1:07 AM, Blogger HCJoel said...

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for Damien Jurado. Thank you for allowing Damien to introduce me to Rosie Thomas. Thanks for Denison Witmer and Sufjan, too.

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At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Ruben said...

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