Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bible tracks and other comics

Many of you are saying, “Son of God, you’ve been gone a long time. Now that you’re back, what’s your thoughts of the comic industry these days?” Great question, many of you! I mean, how boring is politics! I am a huge comic fan, and I loved both the crappy X-Men 3 and the kinda crappy Superman Returns simply because it is so great to see them up on the big screen. This week also marks the start of the San Diego Comic Con, which is the biggest comic convention in the world. Therefore, I can think of no better topic to ramble about than this cool art form. So ramblers, I’ll start rambling…

Comic books have been fun this past year. If you never ever read comics, go read “Watchmen”. If you are a comic nerd, than you read “Watchmen” years ago and are sick of it getting name dropped whenever somebody talks about good comics. So, heres a quick list of comics besides “Watchmen” (or anything by Frank Miller) that is exciting!

1. Marvel Zombies – If the name of this miniseries sounds cool to you, buy it now! If it sounds lame, stay away. Me, however, being a HUGE zombie fan (I did come back from the dead and walked out of my grave, you know), I loved this comic. The plot is lame… in an alternate marvel universe, everyone is a zombie, including all the marvel heroes and villains. However, exactly how important is a plot when all the marvel heroes and villains are zombies! The art is killer and the humor is dark. If you like Spiderman and the Evil Dead trilogy, this is the comic for you. Plus, it’s written by Robert Kirkman, which brings me to #2…

2. The Walking Dead – Also written by Robert Kirkman, and also about zombies, this ongoing series is a dream come true for all of you who always wondered what happened when the helicopter flew away at the end of “Dawn of the Dead”. The magic of this series is that there is no end in sight. It follows a family in a world full of zombies, and it keeps following them, and keeps following them. There is no end in sight for their zombie epidemic, and thankfully there is no end in sight to their story. Drawn in a simple yet fun black and white, this story is part soap opera, part horror, and part survival story… which all add up to a fun series that would make possibly the coolest television hour long drama known to mankind. If this was a show that aired against “Lost”, I’d pick this without giving it a thought.

3. Justice – An Alex Ross comic starring the Justice League verses the Legion of Doom. This is probably the coolest thing currently happening in contemporary comics. If you don’t know who Alex Ross is, quit reading this post.

4. All-Star Superman – Most Superman stories suck, which is too bad because he is my favorite superhero of all time… which makes sense due to the blatant plagiarism of my biography… but for the most part, there aren’t too many amazing Superman graphic novels. Maybe if you count “Kingdom Come”, you’d have a winner, but that is more of a “team” story. With the exception of “For All Seasons” or “Secret Identity”, there’s really nothing too bragable about Superman stories. However, these All-Star Superman comics are really good stuff. They are playful and exciting, and they play and feel almost exactly how an actual “Superman Comic” should feel. Not too serious, but not to cheesy either. All and all, I’m a fan of these, and if you have been craving a solid Superman run, check out this Grant Morrison run.

5. Astonishing X-Men – This is just about my favorite X-Men comics ever. Granted, Jesus Christ is in love with Joss Whedon… but it makes sense, that guy is a gift to all things pop culture!

6. League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 3 – This ain’t out yet and I’ve yet to read it, but I’m counting down the days til this hits the comic stands. If you think these comics sound lame because of how terrible the movie was, PLEASE give these comics a second chance. This, my friends, is literature that should be taught in English 101 classes across the world.

7. Aquaman – There has been no such thing as a solid run of Aquaman comics until 2006, thanks to Kurt Busiek. His Aquaman run makes you really wish James Cameron would actually make an Aquaman film.

8. G.I. Joe - You heard me, G.I. Joe is cool again, thanks to the new run of G.I. Joe comics that treat the characters as cool as you thought they were when you used to watch the cartoon, but putting them in contemporary situations in a contemporary America. Cobra terrorists attacking America, with Snake Eyes saving the day.

Any others you guys think the Son of Man should be reading?


At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Dale Cruse said...

The son of man should also check out "Fables," "Y, the Last Man," "Ex-Machina," and Warren Ellis' "Next Wave."

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous torres#3 said...

I agree with Dale, Fables is a good, solid fun read. I also read anything Astro City.

Superman Rocks!


At 9:48 AM, Blogger The Trick said...


At 10:47 PM, Blogger g.owen said...

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