Thursday, June 01, 2006

White Lion Sucked

(Please read! Below could be the finest mp3 you will find this summer! Move Over Gnarles Barkley!)

Those of you who know Me probably know that there are few bands I have hated more than the 80's hair metal band White Lion. In fact, I'm getting angry just thinking about them! Of course, no song did I despise more than "When The Children Cry". Why did I hate it so? Because it was... pretty! How can such a cheesy band write such a cheesy song... and I love it with My whole heart! And I'm NOT talking "I love it BECAUSE it's cheesy" or "I'm making fun of this song because of how much I love it". I'm talking about loving this song to the point where I once made a mixtape of JUST THIS SONG... ON BOTH SIDES! And it is for this reason, I hate White Lion. That song took a bite out of My soul that I had to recover later in Hell. Anyway, the reason I bring this song up is because the Miss Domestic blog is having a terrible mixtape competition, which I check pretty much hourly for updates because I'm fascinated to hear about what songs people hate. So, one guy posted an MP3 that I now have posted here, because when I first listened to it, I literally... literally laughed til I cried. That is not just a saying here. Tears were streaming down My cheeks, while I sat alone at My computer trying to get some work done. What was the song, you ask? Well, it was a "When The Children Cry" remixed by some guy named Mark 'Oh... and it hurts. It hurts bad. If you don't know this song, first check out the normal version via Youtube. Then download the remix and enjoy. Ahh... good times.

White Lion - When The Children Cry (Mark 'Oh Remix).mp3


At 9:35 AM, Blogger White Magpie said...

I love this song. I used to burn the tape in moi college days..

At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Kristy said...

I feel like I am at a Backstreet Boys rave and should have a lollipop in my mouth, hugging everyone around me. My goodness, Jesus, I don't know if I can get behind this one.

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