Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Weeping, Too

Here’s how it works. You steer your way through life, and I tweak things around to make sure we all get to the same ending. I know how the world ends, and I know how I’d like to get there.

However, with you guys all running around with free will, getting everything to line up for how I originally planned the finale of the world can be very difficult. For example, I want you to go to work.
Because you are self centered and break My rules and heart from time to time, you decide you’d rather call in sick and see 300. Maybe I had planned for you to say something random to your co-worker that would lead to his decision not to sleep with that prostitute he had lined up for that evening, but because you skipped out on work, I need to find other ways to send that co-worker a hint that maybe sleeping with that prostitute would not end well for him. It’s no big deal, I can still make something work… it’s just more complicated.

That being said, Sanjaya is not supposed to still be on American Idol. You guys are keeping him on that show against My will. Again, this isn’t a problem… it’s just more complicated. Every week that Sanjaya stays on American Idol past when he was originally supposed to get kicked off, your whole world is a little bit out of wack and I have to play clean-up.

Long story short, cut it out. Quit voting for him. I get it. It’s funny. We’ll see who’s laughing when the end of the world shows up a little bit earlier than planned because of the events you are all currently setting in motion. Go on, laugh it up.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger UberDestructinator said...

I call bullshit on this one. I think you're just using 'reverse psychology' like Simon did on Tuesday. I think you want to see a finale of Haley vs Sanjaya. Why do I think that? Because they are supposed to morp into a seraph with 66 great legs and 13 television sets for heads. This is the Beast that will usher in a new age and a new type of human. You also want Britney Spears to make a comeback with an album that sounds like a cross between Wolf Eyes and Chocolate Synthesizer by Boredoms. You also started this blog not to bring peace, but a sword. Keep on kicking ass!!

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Amit said...

Here we go, this should work, Jaime:

At 11:42 AM, Blogger jordanka said...


Old story, but I found it while browsing for some pics. I don't know who is Sanjaya and I don't care actually. But I figured it out with what you say for the hint to the co-worker for not sleeping with the prostitute. I cry for this world.

God bless you!

At 6:59 AM, Blogger YAHSHU'A MESSIAH said...

How Yeshu’a Become Jesus By:JOSEPH STALLINGS Published in Catholic Digest January 1992 vol.32,no.6 page 17, The Mystery of the Magi We usually don’t think about it, but our Lord’s name was not always Jesus. It was in fact originally the popular Aramaic name Yeshu’a.. In first century Judea and Galilee, the name Yeshu’a was very common and shared fifth place with Eleazar (Lazarus) in popularity as a name for Jewish men. The most popular male names at that time were Shime’on (Simon), Yosef (Joseph), Yehuda (Judah or Judas) and Yochanan (John). In the Holy Land at the time of Christ, Aramaic had replaced Hebrew in everyday conversation, but Hebrew remained the holy language and was used in worship and daily prayers. The rabbis also used Hebrew when instructing their disciples. The two languages were closely related, however, as close as Italian is to Spanish, and both used the same alphabet. Yeshu’a was the Aramaic version of the Hebrew name Yehoshu’a (Joshua), and means “Yahweh saves”. Throughout Christ’s lifetime in Galilee, Samaria and Judea of course the name Yeshu’a presented no problem for those who spoke Aramaic and read the Bible and prayed in Hebrew. But outside the Holy Land it become a different story as Good News spread. The Gentiles of the Roman Empire spoke Greek and Latin and simply could not pronounce Yeshu’a. It contained sounds that did not exist in their language. When the Gospels were written in Greek, therefore, the Evangelists had a real problem regarding how they might render our Lord’s name into acceptable Greek. The initially ‘Y’ (Hebrew and Aramaic letter ‘yod’) was easy. The Evangelists could use the Greek letter ‘iota’, written ‘I,’ since it was pronounced like the ‘y’ in yet. The next sound was a vowel, and that was a little more difficult. Unlike Greek, all the letters of the Aramaic-Hebrew alphabet are consonants. The marks for the vowels were not invented until some centuries after Christ and were simple dots and dashes, placed above or beneath the letters. At the time of Christ apparently, the first vowel in our Lord’s name was pronounced like the ‘a’ in gate. And the Evangelists believed they could approximate that sound by using the Greek letter ‘eta’. (The capital Greek letter looks just like our English letter H). Then followed the first of two almost insurmountable problems with Hebrew and Aramaic pronunciation. There was no letter for the ‘sh’ sound in the Greek alphabet. Such a familiar name as Solomon was actually Sh’lomo in Hebrew, Samson was Shimson and Samuel was Sh’mu-El. Like the Greek translators of these Old Testament Hebrew names, the Evangelists used the Greek sigma (s) for the Hebrew shin (sh) when rendering Christ’s name. The first three Greek letters ‘iota’, ‘eta’, and ‘sigma’, moreover came to be used in early Byzantine religious art as an abbreviation of Jesus name. As they look very much like the Latin letters HIS, the letters were adapted in Western European religious paintings and church architecture as a symbol for Christ’s name. The next letter in the Aramaic name Yeshu’a was the Hebrew letter ‘waw’, which here represents the sound ‘oo’, as in too. It was easy for the Evangelists to duplicate this sound in Greek. It takes two letters, however, the omicron (o) and upsilon (u).
But that easy substitution was followed by the biggest problem of all: the final ‘a’ sound. In Greek, there was no substitute for the Hebrew letter ‘aiyin’. Though the ‘aiyin’ has no sound of its own, it causes the vowel that it controls to be pronounced deep in the throat. The Greek couldn’t do that, and neither could the Romans when speaking in Latin. Usually, a Greek or Roman would pronounce an ‘aiyin’-controlled ‘a’ like the ‘a’ in father. A final ‘a’ on a name however was most commonly feminine in both Greek and Latin. Thus it was decided to drop the Hebrew ‘aiyin’ completely and replace it with the final Greek sigma (s) which most often indicates the masculine gender in nouns. Throughout the Roman Empire then our Lord’s Aramaic name Yeshu’a, had become the Greek name Iesous, pronounced yeh-SOOS. And this remained Christ’s name throughout the Roman Empire as long as Greek remained the dominant language. But after some centuries Greek lost its favored position and Latin took its place. In the last quarter of the fourth century, the Bible was translated from Greek into Latin by *St. Jerome who had no trouble rendering the Greek Iesous into Latin, it became Iesus. The accent, however, was moved to the first syllable and the name pronounced YAY-soos, since the Romans liked to accent the second from the last syllable. In about 14th century, in the scriptoria of the monasteries where Bibles were copied by hand, Monks began to elongate the initial ‘I’ of the words into a ‘J’. (The pronounciation remained the same-like the ‘y’ in yet but the Monks thought a ‘J’ looked better). Probably the first Monks to do this were Germans because the letter ‘j’ in that language sounds the same as the ‘y’ in English. The name Iesus, consequently, evolved into the familiar written form of Jesus by the 17th century. Everyone still pronounced it YAY-soos, however, as it was in the official liturgical Latin. Way back in the fifth and sixth centuries, some pagan Germanic tribes called the Angles and Saxons invaded England. St Augustine of Canterbury came to convert them to Christianity in A.D.396. Of course St. Augustine established Jerome’s Latin translation as England’s official Bible. The Anglo-Saxon learned that our Lord’s official Latin name was Iesus. Naturally the Germanic Anglo-Saxon converted the initial Latin ‘I’ into the German ‘J’. They pronounced the name, however, as YAY-zoos, since a single ‘s’ between two vowels is sounded like our ‘z’ in Germanic languages. When the Normans invaded England in A.D.1066 they brought with them the French language. Since neither the Anglo-Saxons nor the Normans would surrender their language to the other, the two become wedded and eventually evolved into Modern English. The Normans did influence the pronunciation of the first letter of Our Lord’s name, though, they brought the French pronunciation of ‘j’ (jh), which evolved into our English sound of ‘j’. When King James commissioned the first official translation of the Bibles into English in the early 17th century, the Latin Jesus was carried over unchanged into the new English Bible. The average English citizen of the day probably pronounced the name JAY-zus which ultimately evolved into our modern English JEE-zus. The long process was now complete. A name that began as the Aramaic Yeshu’a would remain written in English as it was in Medieval Latin, but now would be pronounced in English speaking countries as the familiar and loving name of the One who is our Savior, JESUS.

• St. Jerome is Eusebius Hieronymus A.D.347 – A.D.419

Editor of the “Defender”, Wichita, Kansas
U.S. Public Health Services
Editor of the “Defender”, Wichita, Kansas
The true science and the Bible are the best of friends. There is discord between the theories of scientists
and the dogma of religionists. Render unto science the things that belong to science but render unto
YAHWEH the things that are for Almighty One. Science is the servant of Christianity, not its master.
Science reads the Book of books. There is perfect harmony between the two books; the difficulty often
arises from the eyes through which these books are read.
One of the amazing things about the Pentateuch is the fact of its absolute scientific accuracy. It is one of
the most scientific documents ever written. Moses was one of the greatest scientific minds that ever lived.
Exact statements of scientific laws only discovered in recent years will often be found in these sacred
Moses declared against the eating of any flesh that was killed by strangling or dying of itself. Moses
knew the great scientific truth that putrid blood is poison. The nervous shock to the blood and flesh of an
animal killed by strangling produces a poisonous condition making it unfit for table use. The law provided
carefully for the bleeding and draining of flesh to be used as food.
One well-known writer says, “This include a chicken whose neck has been wrung instead of being cut
so as to properly bleed the victim; also, all creatures that are killed with a hammer instead of being bled, as
are most of our beef cattle. The law provided that a keen knife be used to bleed them, thus enabling the
heart to pump all the blood from the veins and leave the flesh free from all deleterious matter, which can
never be done if the action of the heart is stopped by first striking down the animal. Has this law become
obsolete? Never, as Yahshu’a the Messiah said, “Till heaven and earth pass away”. For our physical
welfare only, YAHWEH wisely and kindly forbade the eating of blood in any and all forms. As an article
of diet there are few more dangerous substances known that putrid blood. It is a venomous poison, and
even the most thorough cooking does not entirely destroy the direful results. “The direful acts of some
butchers in drinking warm blood are based on the densest ignorance, and yield their fearful fruits in an
imbuted soul and a diseased brain and body”.
The eleven chapter of Leviticus is one of the mountain peaks of the Mosaic Law. It deals with diet. If
the system promulgated here was observed today, the human race would be immune to about nine-tenths of
its diseases. An old proverb says, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”. There is a very
real sense in which we are, physically, just what we eat. Leviticus 11:2 “These are the beasts which ye shall
eat among all the beasts that are on the earth. Whatsoever parted the hoof, and is cloven-footed, and
cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat”.
This instructions were not arbitrary with YAHWEH or with Moses. They were revelations of great
moral laws meant for the betterment of the nation. To oppose these laws was to break laws intended for the
highest good of the people. The instructions were rooted in true science. Who told Moses?
When the animals were killed and bled properly, we were permitted to eat cud-chewing, cloven-footed
land animals, and water animals possessing fins and scales.
In verses four to seven the following animals are forbidded: camel, coney, hare and swine. Certain fowls
are forbidden while others are permitted.
The animals possessing a cud and divided hoof have virtually three (3) stomachs as refining and
purifying centers. They take in only vegetable foods and is requires twenty-four hours for this food to
change into flesh. The food is refined, cleansed, purified, with poisonous matter removed by the cud
process before it is built into the physical structure of the animal. It was not a matter of religious ceremony
that the cud-chewing beast was permitted for food. It was a physiological provision for the welfare of the
nation and for all subsequent generations that would abide by these supernaturally inspired instructions.
Noticed that the swine is strictly forbidden. “And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted,
yet he chew not the cud; he is UNCLEAN TO YOU.”- Leviticus 11:7. The hog is an ugly creature.
Nothing good can be said about him. The hog was in his proper sphere when Yahshu’a Messiah cast the
demons out of the Gadarene and into the swine, as described in the eight chapter of Luke.
The swine anatomy produces a bad appetite and it has a poorly built stomach. Within three hours from
the time he grunts out of the mud to his swilltrough or putrid carrion, he may be butchered and man may
eat him, assumed that the dirty, filthy, diseased matter has been changed into flesh, pork chops and spare
ribs. Moses passes condemnation upon this kind of food. The best the hog can give you is produced from
the dirtiest, filthiest, most rotten, most diseased material in the world. He is the muckraker of the farm. The
food that it eats is polluted even before it passes into his polluted body. The best of modern science says
that many of the worst diseases to which western civilization is subject to-day, can be traced to the blunder
of eating pork. Moreover, in moral sense, animal flesh stirs to action the baser passions of the flesh life of
depraved human nature – the very passions which Christians should be most eager to have destroyed
through self-crucifixion.
The hog can live only about eight years at best because his diet is so deadly poison. “The swine is a
scavenger, the turkey buzzard of the animal kingdom, the hyena or jackal of civilization; and not
withstanding the preaching of some of the contrary. YAHWEH has never cleansed or sanctified or
transformed him. He is still a hog” –This is the language of one informed scholars.
TROUBLES, LIVER ILLS, CANCERS and TUMORS”! He is the cause of much suffering. He deserved
the curse that Moses placed upon him. Jews and Japanese, Muslim, who eat no pork, known little or
nothing of the diseases which the hog hung on ancient Egypt and the western civilization of today. It is said
that there was no word for cancer in the original Hebrew language. However cancer has become a fearful
curse among Jews in recent years, and all because the modern Jew is letting down the bars on pork eating.
An eminent preacher has this to say: “If you examine carefully you will find a small abrasion just
behind the front foot of the pig. Rub it off clean and press the leg just above the abrasion and you may
squeeze a teaspoonful of dirty matter from it. This is the outlet of sewer pipe that may be traced all through
the animal’s body. It helps to drain off the teeming filth with which the system is filled. If this external
opening become clogged, the animal will run about and grunt and rub his leg on anything handy, and
manifest great pain. He seems almost to know that he will soon sicken of so-called cholera and bloodpoison
and die of his own internal filth, unless he keeps this sewer open.
“On a close analysis of this filthy, scrofulous serum – the ‘culture’ of its bacilli under varied conditions
– it is seen to contain the elements of many dangerous diseases; yet how toothsome are ‘pickled pig feet’ to
ignorance, unbelief, and disobedience. It is this internal and intrinsic vileness that causes a large percentage
of our hogs to be filled with trichina and results in such havoc to human health.
“We might be excused from diverting our attention from the scientific side of this discussion long
enough to insert a few remarks on this heaven-forbidden delicacy. This creature, which has been
condemned both logically and theologically, takes precedence with ignorance over all the creatures of the
creation as an article of diet. He, of all creatures, is literally devoured. His body is eaten, his head turned
into head cheese, and even his ears and tail inserted. His blood is turned into blood pudding; his stomach is
transformed into tripe; his feet are pickled; his intestines are used for sausage covers, his heart, liver and
kidneys are cooked; and his very bristles are sought for wax ends, etc. There is not even his grunt left
unused, for the transgressors against YAHWEH and nature’s laws take up this undesirable remnant, and
often grunt with disease and squeal in pain caused by their folly. Surely a man is what he eats. Is the law
against this dirty, deadly diet obsolete? Ask the dyspeptic, the cancerous victim, or the consumptive.”
Yahshu’a Messiah great respect for the law of Moses. While some of the ordinance of worship were set
aside by the advancement of Christianity over rites and symbols of Jewish worship, yet the great moral
laws of Mosaic code remain unchanged. Yahshu’a Messiah said “Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one
title shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled”. ( Matthew 5:18).
Trichinosis, a disease directly traceable to infection from eating the flesh of swine, is very, very seldom
correctly diagnosed. Research on the infection with TRICHNIELLA SPIRALIS among the population of
U.S. has been carried on under the skillful supervision of Dr. Willard H. Wright, Chief of the U.S. Zoology
Lab. Dr. Thomas Parran, Surgeon General, Head of U.S. Public Health Services, makes the startling
declaration that there are now 16,000,000 cases of Trichinosis in the U.S.A.
Prof. Maurice Hall reports that out of 222 cases of Trichinosis (from a study of cadavers from
hospitals), not one was correctly diagnosed! One of America’s greatest researchers on the problem states:
“Upon the ingestion of the third stage larvae in infested muscle, the larvae are freed from the cyst by the
action of the gastric juices and then proceed to migrate to the intestine. Here they develop to maturity and
after fertilization the adult worms produce living embryos which invade the blood stream and are carried to
all of the voluntary muscles of the body. These embryos develop in a relatively short time to third stage
larvae in the muscles. The larvae remain alive during the low heat processing which transforms the
SWINE’S FLESH (Isa.65: 3-4; 66: 17) into summer sausage, wienerwurst, frankfurters, etc.
“When consumed by humans, the digestive juices in the stomach dissolve around the coiled worms and
set them free. The young larvae born in the small intestine then begin to take their horrible toll. They travel
through the body through the blood stream and lymphatics, and may lodge either temporarily or
permanently in the glands and lymph nodes, brain, heart, skeletal muscles, or other tissue. It will thus be
seen that the symptoms of different sufferers vary greatly and are not different than symptoms of other
diseases, both infection and non-infection and the disease is difficult to diagnose. This horrible disease is
diagnosed by physicians as “Ptomaine poisoning”, “Intestinal Influenza”, “Malaria”, Acute Alcoholism”,
“Typhoid Fever”, “Appendicitis”, “Colitis”, “Ulcer”, “Gall Bladder Involvement”, Scarlet Fever”,
“Asthma”, “Pneumonia”, “Neuritis”, “Mumps”, “Rheumatism”, “T.B.”, “Undulant Fever”, “Lead
Poisoning”, etc, etc. When the larvae lodge around the heart, the disease is diagnosed as various forms of
“Heart Disease”, etc. etc… It realy it is “TRICHINOSIS” !
One reason million of people are infected with Trichinosis is because pork is used so widely as an
adulterant in meat product.. The P.H.R. concludes that of the total persons dying over the period of these
surveys, ONE out of SIX was infected with the Trichina parasite ! Further more, the hog is such a
dangerous carrier of disease because the animal itself is diseased. Its lungs are frequently filled with
‘tubercules’. In 75 cases of 100 you will find the liver filled with abcesses. Lard then is nothing more than
extract of a diseased carcass..”
In Isaiah 65: 3-4 “A people that provoke ME to anger continually to MY FACE; that sacrificed in
gardens, and burned incense upon altars of brick; which remain among the graves, and lodge in the
monuments, which EAT SWINE’S FLESH, and broth of ABOMINABLE things is in their vessels “.
In Isaiah 66: 17 “They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in
the midst, EATING SWINE’S FLESH, and the ABOMINABLE, and the MOUSE, shall be consumed
together, said YAHWEH” .
(Do you wish to order “pork chops” for dinner tonight ? )

At 11:02 AM, Blogger alex said...

What could possibly be more damaging to a child than telling him over and over from the time he's an infant that there exists an invisible person who is unwilling to prove he exists watching him every second of every day and reading his thoughts and if he doesn't believe in the invisible person he will be tortured for eternity? Yet we tell that same child that monsters don't exist so it's silly to be scared of monsters.

Religion is one of the most serious mental illnesses of today. It is the inablity to face the reality of life and the finality of death. It affects as high as 85% of the American Society. Approximately 75% of the American victims of this mental illness are Christians. The more pathetic and desperate a persons life, the more likely they are to believe in a god. Typically, people with otherwise empty lives, are the stongest believers. It gives them the false hope that there is a higher meaning to their sad and pathetic lives. The strongest of believers would admittedly be suicidal without religion and/or a god in their lives providing a mental safety valve.

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy disorder has been linked to extreme religious experiences. Patients who have TLE may have sudden and dramatic spiritual changes. There are many instances of these patients converting from agnostic or atheist beliefs to strongly active religious faiths. TLE causes abnormal electrical activity in their temporal regions and has been directly linked to these radical changes in religious belief and personality changes. Curiously, religious chanting and meditation reduce the activity of frontal lobe activity, which heightens Temporal Lobe activity. Further research in this area has uncovered that electrical stimulation of areas in the Temporal Lobe also produce these spiritual experiences. The electrical stimulation caused the control group to report feelings of "well being" euphoria and a feeling of a "presence".

Being a formal military pilot, it is amusing to hear people attribute seeing a light in a tunnel to a god when experiencing near death experiences. This is often accompanied by feelings of euphoria. Coincidently, military pilots experience the same feelings when taking oxygen deprivation training. When the brain is deprived of oxygen, the first thing that happens is all colors fade to gray. Soon after, experiences of euphoria and well being are felt. Finally, all light closes in to a pinpoint, like a light in a tunnel just before the loss of consciousness.

It is a statistical fact that the higher your education, income, and intelligence, the more likely you are not to believe in a god. For every college student that converts to a religious belief system, 17 college students convert to secular or atheist beliefs. "Secular Humanists" have an average intelligence of 25 I.Q. points above their Christian conterparts..

A religion by definition is a superstition. A religion is the belief in a supernatural being or beings. A superstition is the belief in magic or phenomena beyond or outside of nature. A religious belief then is a superstitious belief.

Religions seem to usually require a God, Prophets and Profits. God is usually very powerful. Not too powerful because that messes up convenient concepts like free will. Too much God power makes bad things hard to explain. The optimum amount of power can be vague and variable but usually permits granting of certain perks, like an after life. This provides a useful motivational tool. God supposedly talks through Prophets. Prophets are like schizophrenics but since most lived before psychiatrists invented schizophrenia they were believed to be really talking to God. Nowadays they would be sent for treatment.

A common symptom of religion is delusion. Often including notions of resurrection. But face it, you are not coming back. Well, no one has yet, with any convincing evidence, and an awful lot of people have died.

Religious people are dangerous. They can not think for themselves, but instead cling to every word the bible says. Religious fanatics can somehow throw out all scientific evidence and replace it with the word of one book that has no credibility. They want to spread their illness to the rest of the world and contaminate the remaining 10% to 15% of the sane population. Atheists usually know and understand what is written in the bible better than those who claim to follow its word. Religious fanatics want to convert your children and will stop at nothing. They want the right to force you to follow their ideas and beliefs and restrain any conflicting beliefs or activities.

Recognizing religion as a class of mental illness would be a start in curing this disease. We should develop support groups, maybe along the lines of Alcoholics Anonymous - "My name's Mike and I'm a recovering Christian ..."

Be a "Free Thinker". Read and question what is written. Blind faith is for people who can not think for themselves.

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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