Saturday, April 08, 2006

Find Your Own Way

I’m an outsider. I never feel like anybody truly understands Me. I told My best friends for three years straight that I would get killed but then I’d come back alive again, and they just stared at Me like I was an idiot… or I was speaking in code that they were just going to act like they understood. I love them, but we were never 100% on the same page. I’m used to this. I’m different, I get it.

But every now and then, somebody includes Me as part of the gang and it feels great! Yesterday, I got My first mass email forward from a record label marketing department, and I’ve been on cloud 9 for the past two days. For the record, cloud 9 rocks hard… literally, Kurt Cobain is playing on it as we speak. Some weird southern folky stuff that is loud and weird. He says it’s stuff for the album he was planning on recording before he died, which sounds to me like a cross between In Utero and Automatic For The People. Anyway, I got an email from some marketing people from 4AD, that included in their forward just about every blog email address in the blogiverse (Jesus don’t use “blogisphere”). They included all the music blogs that I love… and little ol’ Me! So thanks 4AD, for treating Me as part of the club. It’s lonely being the often misunderstood Son of God, and I appreciate you thinking of Me.

So let’s review this track, shall we? They sent Me a link to a site for the band The Late Cord, which is a collaboration between Micah P Hinson and some dude from The Earlies. I enjoyed the Micah P Hinson and the Gospel of Progress album, and These Were The Earlies was a fun time, too, so the email quickly had My attention. Doesn’t that sound like a good mix to make an album together?

Once at The Late Chord website, I download their free track, brilliantly named “My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People” and read their little bio. In their bio, they first describe the band as not being religious in any conventional sense, which is cool as crap, because that’s what I am, too. Then they refer to them as “prayerful” which is also cool as crap because that’s what I am, too!

So I listen to the track, and it’s cool. It starts out weird with some looping wind sounds, then comes some lone piano with some weird keyboard effects, and then Mr. Hinson kicks in around the 2 minute mark. He’s sounding somber, which is a good way for him to sound. And that is essentially the whole track. 7 minutes of a slow, sad, ballad with not a ton of melody, but still pretty. I like it. Thumbs up. I want to hear more. The marketing department got Me. This is something I plan to hunt down when it’s released.

One glitch, the bio also mentions that this is only a “mini album” which I can already tell I’d want more than just this 7 minute track and then a few more tracks. Anyway, head over to their website if you want to hear the Mp3, too. It won’t change your world, but it definitely sounds good. Thank you, 4AD marketing people, for including Me on your mass email forward. There was a time back when The Pixies were king when I would pick up anything on your label. Maybe it’s time I start doing that again. Or at least it's time to download free tracks from your band sites whenever you email Me with the links. I love you. More mass forward marketing emails, please.


At 6:17 PM, Blogger heather said...

"they first describe the band as not being religious in any conventional sense, which is cool as crap, because that’s what I am, too."

Jesus, you are absolutely wonderful because of sentences like that. Please never stop blogging. Oh, and thanks for all the amazing stuff you did in my life this weekend. Good to be back hangin tough with ya.

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