Tuesday, April 25, 2006

...probably stands for "Can't Wrestle Fgood".

Do you love Me, Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior… and the “sport” of professional wrestling?! Have you felt that the current storylines of secular professional wrestling simply just take it too far? Well, worry no more! That’s why My followers have created a new Federation! A Christian Wrestling Federation! That’s right, the CWF! This is a great way to share your relationship with Me to all your friends who are too cool to go to Church but not cool enough to turn down the opportunity to see Professional Christians wrestle for the Lord… Me! Check out their site and book them today! All you need is a couple hundred dollars and a parking lot… seriously. Although, rumor has it they just stand there looking at each other while pointing at their cheeks. “What about this one? Why don’t you try to hit this one?!” Plus with that whole “last will be first” thing, as soon as the bell rings they both dive to the mat yelling “1,2,3,done!” …and yeah, I used the phrase “secular professional wrestling” in this post. You’d think I won a bet or something? Maybe somebody owes Me a T-shirt now? Or maybe a CWF bandana?


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