Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Jesus Christ TV Awards!

Hello, and welcome to the first annual Jesus Christ TV Awards! Now that the 2005-2006 television season is officially wrapped, I think it is time to start handing out some of these awards.

30 Hours Of Life Stolen From Americans – “American Idol”

My Favorite TV Person Who Loves Me – Dog The Bounty Hunter (Runner Up – Echo from “Lost”)

Lamest Show With The Most Potential – “How I Met Your Mother”

Best Dad On TV – Keith Mars on “Veronica Mars” (Runner Up – The dad on “Everybody Hates Chris”)

Saddest Decline From Something Fun To Something Painful – “Smallville”

Comedy Gold – Jaime Pressly on “My Name Is Earl”

Best Guilty Pleasure – “Most Extreme Elimination”

Worst Guilty Pleasure – “2 And A Half Men”

Best Almost Non-Cheesy Life Lessons – “My Name Is Earl”

Best Music On TV – “The Alternative” on VH1

Favorite Reality Contestant – Santino from “Project Runway”

Worst Cable Channel – MTV

Most Welcome New Cable Channel – Current

Show That Made Me Laugh Out Loud More Than “Arrest Development” – “The Office”

Best Show To Quickly Tivo Through – “Ebert and Roeper”

Best Reality Show – “Beauty And The Geek”

TV Personality Trying To Take My Job - Oprah

SNL MVP – Amy Poehler

SNL Secret Weapon – Will Forte

Show That Could Have Changed The World But Sucked – “The Book Of Daniel”

Summer Show That I’m Interested To See If It’s Any Good Because I Love Zach Galifianakis – “Man Bites Dog”

Show That Deserves More – “Scrubs”

Funniest Talking Head – Joel McHale

Show Most In Need Of A Major Makeover – “Survivor”

Science Fiction Taking A Step Backward From “Firefly” – “Battlestar Galactica”

Best Show For Bloggers – “Best Week Ever”

Show That Sucks And Isn’t Funny That Won “Best Comedy” From The Golden Globes – “Desperate Housewives”

Show That Tons Of People Watch That Is Lamer Than “Desperate Housewives” – “Greys Anatomy”

Best Theme Song – “The Daily Show”

Best Cartoon – “Justice League”

Best Show On TV – “Veronica Mars”

Show That I Sometimes This Is Better Than “Veronica Mars” But Isn’t – “Lost”

Worst Show On TV – “The View”

Show Satan Works Through The Most – “The O.C.”


At 6:00 PM, Blogger Courtney said...

The reason the Daily Show has the best theme music is that Bob Mould wrote it. It's called "Dog on Fire". But, being the Almighty Christ, you probably knew that already.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger wwjblog said...

Actually, I would argue that the reason the Daily Show theme is so good is because They Might Be Giants re-wrote it... not to knock Mr. Mould, though. If Sugar would make a comeback, I'd be first in the download que.

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

Why did you allow the Zach G. show on Comedy Central to be cancelled? That was some of the best entertainment I have seen in a long time. Anyway, thanks for everything.

At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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