Monday, August 21, 2006

The Littlest Angel

I looooooved Nirvana. For the record, I DID want him for a sunbeam, and he was starting to understand that back when he was a cute little high school church youth group kid (no lie), but he always thought he wasn't good enough for Me. Granted, he was right. In fact, nobody is really good enough for Me... and that's the catch. Wanna free gift of forgiveness? Don't try to earn it from Me, because you can never pay it off in full. No worries, though. I grabbed the bill and paid the check while you weren't paying attention. Kurt's up here, believe it or not. He's much happier now, and we go on long walks and make fun of Temple of the Dog. He's recorded a few solo albums up here that sounds more like gothic americana music... kinda like if you crossed "Automatic For The People" with "In The Areoplane Over The Sea". If you make My list, these albums are waiting for you on your holy iPod when you get to your room. Kurt sends his love.

Nirvana - They Hung Him On The Cross.mp3