Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You're All My Brothers And Sisters

I am in love with a band that quite a few other blogs have posted about, and I would like to pass the love on to you, in case this band has slipped past you. The band is named Brothers And Sisters, which is a band name dear to My heart. They’re Texans, and they have about as many band members as I’m From Barcelona. They are heavily influenced by all the bands The Essex Green is influenced by, so to save time I’m just going to say they sound like The Essex Green. Here are links to their Myspace and their label page, where you can download songs and buy their album (10 bucks, cheap!). Then head over to My Old Kentucky Blog and download their killer song "Without You".

And now, for quite possibly the cutest thing you indie kids will find on youbute… I bring you a cute little girl singing along to the Brothers And Sisters song “One Night”. Be careful, if things that are just too too cute physically wound you, you might not want to click on this. I think “cute kid indi rock karaoke” should be the new youtube craze over the current craze of “Ok Go video mimicking”, what do you think?


At 6:47 PM, Anonymous mjrc said...

aw, that is actually one of the cutest things i've even seen. when she bobs her little head in time to the music, i can just picture her onstage with some band 15 years from now . . .

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At 12:25 PM, Anonymous successwithusana said...

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