Friday, January 13, 2006

Griffin House Inn My Heart

Griffin House hasn’t sold too many records. He’s good, and he will, but as of yet, this guy ain’t too rich. Rich in spirit, check. Rich in checkbook, no check. He’ll get there, but not yet. My point is, how could a singer/songwriter, with the total publicity he’s had amounting to a Paste Magazine blurb or two and a track on the Everwood Soundtrack, own so many fine Bed and Breakfasts? Apparently, this Griffin House fella loves to share awkwardly elaborate breakfasts with his traveling fans.

To download some good Griffin House songs, click on these beauties:

Griffin House - Tell Me a Lie.mp3

Griffin House - The Way I Was Made.mp3

Griffin House - The Guy Who Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind (live).mp3

Griffin House - Waterfall (live).mp3

For great Griffin House hospitality, stay at one or more of these fine Griffin House estates:

Griffin House Inn

Griffin House Bed and Breakfast

Griffin House Hotel


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