Monday, June 05, 2006


Well guys, I have some news for you… I miss My Dad. I know, kinda cheesey, but My Dad is like the coolest Dad in the world, and I really haven’t seen Him in awhile now. Sure, we talk all the time, but it’s just little stuff here and there, and well, it’s starting to drag on Me. That being said, I’m going… and this is going to sound kinda weird… I’m going hiking in the desert for a while. Some people find the desert boring, I find it absolutely beautiful. However, really the main perk of this is that when I’m out in the desert, My Dad and I talk for days on end and I totally love it. So, I’m leaving for a bit. I’ll be back, but for now I’m going to be away actually for 40 days, to be exact. That’s about how long I can go without normal food. This means I’m going to miss out on what you bloggers find fascinating, but ill try to catch up when I get back home. I’ve been feeling low and I’ll be a better blogger if I do this. You can still talk to Me, but I’m not going to be answering quite as directly. No interent or email where I’m going, I’m afraid. But I will keep you all in My prayers, and I will miss you all very much. I love you, and I’ll be back to you in 40 days. If you’re in the desert, look for My footprints (and no, that isn’t a reference to the cheeseball poem, even though it’s true that My Dad carries most of you all the time!).

I am your friend and I love you,

Jesus Christ

Christian Music That's Good

Most Christian musicians that are officially labeled a “Christian Musician” turn out being pretty lame, selling to a market saturated with bad copies of better “Sin Musicians”. And although most Christian music doesn’t compare to the more mainstream, I’ve always had a place in My heart for both. It makes sense, I mean most of the Christian songs are about Me. It’s hard not to enjoy that. I have about as many songs written about Me than Winona Ryder, and that feels pretty good.

One Christian band that I always thought was almost good was Caedmon’s Call. Mostly they were normal Christian safe Toad The Wet Sprocket sounding… but with less edge. Yep, less edge than the Toad.

Well, then one of these band members, Derek Webb, decides to up and go solo, which not too many were excited about… until they heard his album. It was lyrically tough and challenging! Very rare in Christian circles! Sure, David Bazan was doing that for years, but since when were Christians listening to David Bazan? This Derek Webb character had a built in Christian audience, and he went for their throats by challenging their little Christian bubble worlds. Needless to say, Jesus was very pleased.

Derek Webb’s newest album “Mockingbird” is a “Person Who Says They Love Jesus Must Own”. It is lyrically as anything Bazan did with Pedro The Lion, and dare I say even more challenging? Musically, Webb has nothing on the creativity of Bazan, but oh those lyrics! Instead of normal Christian music poorly pulling the heartstrings, Webb aims straight for the head, and it’s hard not to be shaken by just about every track on his new album.

That being said, I really love the new Derek Webb album. If you are not a Christian, it’s probably not too interesting for you, although their marketing department would probably disagree. The album mostly stirs up and challenges the current state of American Christianity and its current stereotypes, and it works well in shaking comfortable Christians into taking a quick glance at how they are living, and if they think that truly is the life I have called them to live. Below is a video of one of My favorite tracks on the new disk. Click and maybe enjoy and maybe even be poked a little. Well done, Derek! A man after My own heart!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

White Lion Sucked

(Please read! Below could be the finest mp3 you will find this summer! Move Over Gnarles Barkley!)

Those of you who know Me probably know that there are few bands I have hated more than the 80's hair metal band White Lion. In fact, I'm getting angry just thinking about them! Of course, no song did I despise more than "When The Children Cry". Why did I hate it so? Because it was... pretty! How can such a cheesy band write such a cheesy song... and I love it with My whole heart! And I'm NOT talking "I love it BECAUSE it's cheesy" or "I'm making fun of this song because of how much I love it". I'm talking about loving this song to the point where I once made a mixtape of JUST THIS SONG... ON BOTH SIDES! And it is for this reason, I hate White Lion. That song took a bite out of My soul that I had to recover later in Hell. Anyway, the reason I bring this song up is because the Miss Domestic blog is having a terrible mixtape competition, which I check pretty much hourly for updates because I'm fascinated to hear about what songs people hate. So, one guy posted an MP3 that I now have posted here, because when I first listened to it, I literally... literally laughed til I cried. That is not just a saying here. Tears were streaming down My cheeks, while I sat alone at My computer trying to get some work done. What was the song, you ask? Well, it was a "When The Children Cry" remixed by some guy named Mark 'Oh... and it hurts. It hurts bad. If you don't know this song, first check out the normal version via Youtube. Then download the remix and enjoy. Ahh... good times.

White Lion - When The Children Cry (Mark 'Oh Remix).mp3

God Blessed Links

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